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National Moving Month Event Highlights Consumer Protection

State Rep. Celia Israel and Rep. Jason Isaac Join Consumer Advocates, Industry Experts & State Regulators to Educate Texans on Consumer Rights

 Consumer Awareness Tips

 Texas law requires:

  • A mover to be actively licensed with TxDMV and USDOT.
  • A valid TxDMV or USDOT number must be displayed on the moving truck.

 A mover must give consumers:

  • A written proposal or estimate that shows either a guaranteed flat price (binding amount) or a “not to exceed” maximum amount for the move.
  • A written and signed contract before the move begins.
  • Standard liability of 60 cents per pound per item. (Note: It is unlikely standard liability will cover the cost of your item. Some
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The financial and legal risks when a buyer is under contract to purchase a property are significant. In my almost 6 years of experience in real estate, I have come across a few different scenarios with buyers that I believe are worth sharing with you.

Any lender will cover the basics or “Mortgage 101″ with you when you apply for a loan. My goal here is to go over “beyond the basics” about mortgages since most buyers do not seem to know and understand them.

1. Have you been “approved” online? Get an approval letter from a local lender.

One of the biggest mistakes buyers make is applying for a loan on-line. Buyers are attracted to the low interest rates offered without understanding that there is more to a loan than interest rates.


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